The Harwich

Our value-priced model, featuring solid construction and the same easy installation and removal features as our other outdoor shower units.

The Chatham

This flagship model will transform your outdoor shower into a luxury spa with a foot-wash, adjustable hand shower, a luxurious rain shower head.

The Wellfleet

Our mid-line model features solid construction and adds an upgraded shower head and adds a foot-wash station as well as hot and cold hose connectors.

Featuring corrosion resistant connectors ensuring a lifetime of use year after year.
On select models, a convenient foot-wash nozzle and hot & cold hose connectors is included.
Cellular PVC materials provides weather and UV resistance that is unmatched by any other product on the market.

After a day at the beach or lake, or taking a swim in your backyard pool there is nothing like taking a shower outdoors. It takes the sand, salt, sweat and chlorine away before stepping inside you home, beach-house, or lakeside property. Not to mention, it can be a relaxing way to end your busy day. Outdoor showers are also convenient for gardeners allowing for washing hands and tools after digging through their garden. There is also the convienence of bathing a household pet or rinsing their muddy paws. The convenience of an outdoor shower at your home can be realized with a beautiful New England Outside Shower system. While many outdoor shower fixtures are unsightly and are prone to the elements, a New England Outside Shower will enhance the beauty of your home. New England Outside Showers are ready to install and easy to remove with our patented design and “Smart” connection system making removal for the end of the summer season or for inclement weather a breeze.  Whether you own a beachfront home on Cape Cod or a lakefront home in Minnesota, our outdoor showers will give you ease of use, installation, storage, and beauty that will last the life of your home. Learn more though our website and and you will see why the New England Outside Shower system is perfect for you and your home.

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